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This short movie will introduce you to Peggy Black and her ‘team’ who bring you the Morning Messages.
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This movie tells only part of the story. The ‘team,’ the messages and the personal benefits for you still lie ahead.  To learn more, please…

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I would like to invite you to accept this wonderful opportunity to meet my ‘team’ and discover their wisdom and love through their messages and these written words.

Every third day you will receive a message that will stimulate, empower and expand your awareness. You will gain insights that will inspire and uplift you. Morning Messages offer you these benefits…

• Simple conscious practices to transform your life.
• Exercises to maintain your clear coherent emotions of gratitude and joy.
• Awareness of how gratitude and joy allow a divine flow of abundance and ease.
• Ability to activate the powerful alchemical chalice of your heart.
• Honoring your multidimensional Self and what that means.
• Acknowledging your personal sovereignty and magnificence.
• Knowing what part you play in the transforming current events.
• Joining with others to create the loving reality you desire.

The “We Are Here” ‘team’ is thrilled to share their messages with you. They invite you to honor and recognize your most magnificent Self.

A message from my ‘team’:

“We are here to serve humanity in awakening to their multidimensional Self by empowering them to honor their heart as a chalice for coherent transforming emotions of joy, gratitude and appreciation.”

Browse this website for more of my story and a larger message to you from the “We Are Here” ‘team.’

If you feel inspired and connected to this offering of Morning Messages please help spread the word and this gift by telling your friends about this web site www.morningmessages.com or by forwarding your original e-mail invitation. I honor your magnificence with a grateful heart. Peggy Black, I am Transducer, Scribe and Witness


FREE Peggy’s Prayer & Invocation Audio
This is an audio of the extended version of the prayer and invocation that Peggy says before all private sessions and presentations. She has been saying this prayer and invocation since 1994, at least once a day and often several times a day. May it honor you and your magnificence.