Moon Eclipsed by Sound CD


The thrill of “sounding” in the Sound Column in San Francisco drew us together, we knew that Spirit was orchestrating the event. The date was auspicious, January 20, 2000 full moon in Leo eclipsed by Aquarian sun, opened an energetic door for humanity. It initiated the awareness of the healing power of sound and the wisdom for expressing it.

This CD came together with such ease and juice. Our candles, prayers and intention invoked a sacred space. It was a spontaneous embrace of sounds, each person adding their own unique flavor to the nix. Bear indicated the recording session had begun. Devadattan anchored us with his deep chants. Peggy began to weave the Hathor sounds within the deep chants. It was exhilarating! One by one all were drawn in, enriching the tapestry. We became aware of dozens of children just outside the column. The sounds of squeals and laughter were an unexpected, delightful gift Spirit added to this endeavor, “Moon Eclipsed by Sound.”

Peggy Black: Sacred Sound Salutarist
Devadattan/Michael Faryan: Tibetan Chant Master
Bear Olsen: Conscious Co-Creative Composer
Ellen Henson: Healing Arts Practitioner and Healer
Carol Gallagher: Percussionist, Priestess and Healer


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