Morning Messages Books

Morning Messages “We Are Here” Transmissions Book Three

Support your awakening, shift your perception, stretch your understanding of this realty. You are pure conscious energy, full of potential, force and authority. Each transmission offers effective tools for sculpting your future and all its many rewards. These transmissions provide tools to assist, invite and support your conscious creation of well-being in your life and in the global consciousness.

Understand the potential and power of your own imagination as you embody sacred space in the quantum field.  Explore how to access the quantum field to create a rich and fulfilling life. Live this wisdom, trusting and honoring your ability to consciously interface with the quantum field to create your reality. Consider the possibility that there is a doorway open to other realms and dimensions; you have a personal invitation to walk through. the ‘team’

Each book prices at $18.95 plus s&h

Morning Messages “We Are Here” Transmissions Book Four

We are here, sharing ideas that expand your current understanding of who you are. It is our goal to continue to stretch your awareness, to disappear your limited viewpoints. Each transmission offers suggestions and effective tools to assist and support you in interfacing with this reality and creating your future. These transmissions invite and empower you in the conscious creation of a life sustaining reality for you and all humanity.

When there is intense disturbance in the collective consciousness it can trigger a new level of awakening. We realize that out of this shift and change comes tremendous chaos. It is from the caldron of chaos that ascension is made possible. Remember, your reality is never set or solid, it is fluid, it is vibration and frequency. the ‘team’

Each book prices at $18.95 plus s&h

MorningMessagesBk1WB Morning Messages “We Are Here” Transmissions Book

This book includes the unfolding miraculous story and the eighty-eight illustrated messages. The messages will open new doors and bust down some old doors while stretching your beliefs. They will encourage you to practice fresh ways of looking at reality. They will challenge you to transform the difficulties you face, knowing your actions make a difference. You can drink them in slowly or in one quick fast gulp. It is recommended you mentally sip them. Allow the ideas to touch the taste buds of your mind and then explode in flavors of incredible expanded concepts and realizations. My wonderful subscribers wanted a book with all the Messages, a book they could carry, have by their bed, could keep in their car, a book they could give to family and friends. I am honored to fulfill their request.

Morning Messages Invitations Book

This is an inner-active book of the forty-four invitations to be used as a daily oracle or guide, offering powerful exercise of expanded consciousness. Each invitation will request, entice and summons you to step into new ways of responding to your life, to events and to others. You will use the awesome tools to shift your response in a quantum moment.

Once you begin using these invitations there will be no turning back. Your life will change, your life will transform. You will begin to expect miracles every day. You will realize that you are creating awesome realities.

Also included are advanced transmissions for those who want to delve deeper. They are powerful thought provoking energy changing downloads of information. You will recognize your power as a multidimensional being and better understand this hologame on planet earth.

Morning Messages CDs and DVDs

“We Are Here” Transmissions, the Morning Messages Two CD Set

Morning Messages CD

Morning Messages have been reaching thousands of people around the globe since they were initially offered on the internet.

Now, you can listen to the first set of forty-four messages personally read by Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness. Just as they have inspired people who read them, now you can listen to them. Hearing these words and transmissions in a new way allows you to replay key passages at your convenience.

When the CD was being recorded, the sound engineer shared that he was aware of a shift of energy in Peggy’s voice. At first he was puzzled until he realized that her ‘team’ was infusing a transmission of energy into the recording. While the words and messages are uplifting when read, these recordings carry an additional multidimensional gift for you, the listener.

Moon Eclipsed by Sound CD
“Moon Eclipsed by Sound” CD

The thrill of “sounding” in the Sound Column in San Francisco drew us together, we knew that Spirit was orchestrating the event. The date was auspicious, January 20, 2000 full moon in Leo eclipsed by Aquarian sun, opened an energetic door for humanity. It initiated the awareness of the healing power of sound and the wisdom for expressing it.

This CD came together with such ease and juice. Our candles, prayers and intention invoked a sacred space. It was a spontaneous embrace of sounds, each person adding their own unique flavor to the nix. Bear indicated the recording session had begun. Devadattan anchored us with his deep chants. Peggy began to weave the Hathor sounds within the deep chants. It was exhilarating! One by one all were drawn in, enriching the tapestry. We became aware of dozens of children just outside the column. The sounds of squeals and laughter were an unexpected, delightful gift Spirit added to this endeavor, “Moon Eclipsed by Sound.”

Morning Messages DVD

This is a 50 minute presentation of an informal event at Gateways Book Store in Santa Cruz, CA. It was the gathering for the “We Are Here” CD release celebration. Peggy is sharing about the work, the Morning Messages, the miracles and how everything has been unfolding.

•  The Morning Messages Story
•  Living in the Heart
•  Partners With Your “Team”
•  Heart Space

Morning Messages Card Deck

Morning Messages Invitation Deck

A deck of 44 invitations to empower and honor your magnificent multidimensional Starself. Each card is an invitation to practice a consciousness exercise. Use these cards and their messages as a tool to support you in staying in a coherent vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

This is truly a stellar galactic offering. The messages are uplifting and supportive. Every card is stunning with its visual images of the “sticks” and the Orion nebula.

The ‘team’ offers a special thank you to all those who sponsored and supported this incredible product and consciousness tool.

These will be delightful gifts for family, friends, co-workers, or a women’s group. They will make great stocking stuffers, birthdays, thank you, or surprise gifts.

Morning Messages Images

The following eight unique and charming images are a selection from the Morning Messages Invitation Deck.
They are 8×10 and easy to frame.

Galactic Team

What is my Truth?

Listen to the Stars

Portal of Now

Dance in the Now

Celestial Support

Your Way Home

Welcome Change

Morning Messages Posters

wisdom guideline poster_med
Wisdom and Guidelines for Multidimensional Humans

These guidelines will inspire and uplift you and others.
These messages are offered as a focus and opportunity to shift our consciousness.
This wisdom invites us to remember that we are divine beings making a difference.
This wisdom encourages us to remember that our thoughts, words, deeds and actions affect the whole. Share them with your friends, your groups, give them as gifts, post them where others can receive their blessings. Together we will create a shift in reality. Together we will step into our own magnificence.
8.5″ x 11″ Poster

Your Heart Transforms

8.5″ x 10.5″ Poster

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We Are Here

8.5″ x 10.5″ Poster

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You Are Awakening

8.5″ x 10.5″ Poster

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Be At Peace

8.5″ x 10.5″ Poster

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