I AM a Multidimensional Starhuman, awake and aware,
sharing my open heart with joy and gratitude.

I AM a Cosmic Channel and Universal Server.
I offer all my gifts for the uplifting of Humanity.

I AM a Life Sustainer with an aware and loving heart.
I offer my gifts of Light and Love for service.

I AM a Heart Ambassador of the Violet Flame,
invoking and inviting the power of transmutation.

I AM a Conscious Voice expressing Sacred Sound.
I offer my gifts of word and frequency for transformation.

I AM a Spiritual Synergist who gathers the threads of truth
and a weaver of energies and ideas for enlightenment.

I AM a wordsmith and communicator. I offer
words of compassion and empowerment from
the energy field of intention.

I AM a Magician, a Manifester, a Creator of Form.
I offer these gifts as tools to others.

I AM a Fair Witness allowing others their freedom
and magnificence to be all they are meant to be.

Copyright 2006 ©
Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness