Gratitudes and Acknowledgments

by Peggy Black – Morning Messages

This opportunity of bringing Morning Messages “We Are Here” to the global community has opened and expanded my life and my heart

I have been privileged to witness and experience the blessings, miracles and synchronicities that have embraced this entire project. There has been such a graceful flow of support coming each and every moment in such timely and appropriate ways.

I have practiced the suggestions offered in the Morning Messages, returning my heart awareness often to the space of joy, gratitude and appreciation and I have watched in amazement at the easeful unfolding of this entire co-creation.

Figure_33The Morning Messages have been lovingly offered from my ‘team.’ There has also been another very special team of friends who have felt the significance and value of the Morning Messages. They have gifted me with their support, time and encouragement. Their generosity of spirit and funding has made this global offering and gift possible.

When I began to receive the Morning Messages a number of years ago my message ‘team’ suggested that I ask for the physical support of a small group of friends. They have been on board since the first message. These dear hearts were available; they assisted me in staying present with the process and anchoring the experience with intentions and clarity. They are my cosmic sisters and forever friends providing a loving, conscious foundation. I gratefully thank, Barbara, Janice, Ellen, Jennifer, Judy, Susana, Jane, and Amrita.

I also acknowledge my precious and wise daughters, Devi, Cheri, and Becki for their loving acceptance and sage advice. I am grateful for Neil’s support and loving patience.

It is with joy that I continue to receive unconditional love and support from my mother.

There is also another empowering team who stepped up with support as this project proceeded. I acknowledge and thank Randy, Virginia, Diana, Joanna, Tina, Zacciah, Janice, Judith, Leigh, Melanie, Peggy, Merlino, Rod, Tom, Judi, Osa, Mary, Lida, Michelle and my Sound family, as well as Gavilian Hills congregation, and all the beautiful women in my Miracles & Intentions support group. I thank all those named and unnamed who have offered assistance, the perfect gift at the perfect time. I appreciate their love and support.

I am grateful for my deep connection to Divine Source in all its manifestations. I am grateful for my ‘team’ who offer their love and encouragement to stay in my heart.

Peggy Black
I AM Transducer, Scribe and Witness

“All success in life comes from the generous support
and love of our friends.”

Thank you, Peggy